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Instagram deletes account of maker-focused brand Garland Magazine

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Instagram has suddenly removed the account of the maker-focused brand Garland Magazine, leaving it unable to post to the followers it had built on the tech platform.

Garland Magazine uses its social media accounts to share stories about makers from around the world and showcase the jewelry, crafts, and other items that they create.

But last Thursday (May 20), Instagram abruptly removed the account.

“We had no warning and there was no explanation,” Garland Magazine wrote. “We hadn’t violated any community guidelines. There has been no response to our many appeals.”

The outlet speculated that the takedown of its account could have been “some bug in their algorithm” or “it may be related to the countries whose material we were sharing.”

Not only has Garland Magazine lost 5,000 Instagram followers but the 1,000 posts it created while the account was active have also been purged.

Garland Magazine blasted the power of Big Tech in its response to the account removal and noted that the takedown serves as a reminder that “we don’t own these platforms – they own us.”

“As Charles De Gaulle once said, ‘Great powers are cold monsters,’ Garland Magazine stated. “We cannot rely on global monopolies to support us.”

It also warned other brands and creators to be wary of over reliance on the tech giants:

“Facebook and Instagram concentrate power in the hands of interests that will always put their profit before people. Don’t let all your good work be hostage to their corporate whims.”

The removal of Garland Magazine’s account is the latest of many examples of Instagram’s far-reaching censorship that has impacted accounts that post about a wide range of topics including memes, Endometriosis, Christian worship, and cancer.

Sometimes this censorship is reversed but in many cases, accounts are permanently restricted or removed without any explanation from the tech giant.

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