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Twitch streamer Invadervie slams “cheapskate” viewers who won’t pay for her content

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Twitch IRL streamer Invadervie’s broadcasting history suggests that her strategy of streaming her life and exploits and building a presence online in order to make some money tends to veer towards attention-seeking antics.

And why wouldn’t it, when that is the sort of behavior audiences expect and platforms ultimately reward.

Invadervie, who has a “mature warning” on her home page, describes herself in the same place as a 29-year-old effervescent lover of chatting, cosplay, playing the ukulele, and even games, from time to time.

And, as she must’ve forgotten to add in the bio – she also appears to be a lover of getting paid, like, now.

After all, who isn’t? But the timing of her not-in-the-least-bit polite “request” to viewers to becomes subscribers (and thus pay up) is what makes this into a bit of a controversy – welcome or unwelcome by Invadervie, only she would be able to tell us.

Negative exposure is still exposure, after all.

In any case, despite declaring that she wants to be a part of a community and to find a feeling of love, belonging, and support, – she came down pretty hard on members of that community when she shamed some of them as “cheapskates.”

During a broadcast on April 14, Invadervie said she wasn’t asking for much from those unsubscribed deadbeats: “If you have time to watch Twitch, you have ten dollars, truly. If you don’t have ten dollars, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working,” she said.

Some of those reacting to this later said on Twitter than if she really needed money, it was Invadervie who should consider getting a real job.

Anyway, during the exchange on Amazon’s platform, one viewer said they were unemployed and unable to afford spending money on anything but the bare necessities.

The fact that millions of people are filing for unemployment benefits in the US alone due to the coronavirus – and amid quarantine, often have little else to do when spending time online, including on Twitch, didn’t register with the streamer.

Instead, faced with backlash, she went after her audience even more aggressively, saying that those who criticized her were probably thinking, “Why would I ever pay for this when this slut gives it away for free?”

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