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UK care worker investigated for FB video saying NHS wasn’t overrun during COVID

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Care UK, a British healthcare company working with the country’s National Health Service (NHS), is investigating one of its workers for a number of posts she made on social networks.

The worker, Louise Hampton, is a coronavirus lockdown skeptic, and her posts were prompted by a thank-you certificate given to her and other service’s employees for their role during the epidemic. But she rejects the idea that any “positive difference” had actually been made by their actions.

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In a video she posted on Facebook, Hampton is heard saying, “This is my certificate of bollocks. I didn’t clap for the NHS, I didn’t clap for myself. Because why would I clap for myself when I did f*** all?”

“Our service was dead. We weren’t getting the calls, it was dead. Covid is a load of bollocks, so this is my certificate of bollocks.”

Hampton then went on to participate in the Unite for Freedom rally in London on Saturday that gathered over 10,000 people protesting against coronavirus lockdowns.

In other posts on social media, Hampton made her opinion about the epidemic, and government measures to stop it, clear by using hashtags such as, #Covid1984, #NWO, and #WeWillNotBeMuzzled.

The implication is that the lockdowns and other restrictive measures are mostly based on lies propagated by the authorities, using the scare of the virus to impose permanent authoritarian measures.

To drive this point home, Hampton also posted a meme that says, “If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied during 1930s Germany, now you know.”

Care UK has announced that the employee is being investigated, and refuted one of her claims, that the staff had nothing to do during the height of the epidemic (as other essential healthcare activities such as cancer screening took the back seat to coronavirus.)

Meanwhile, UK’s health authorities have admitted that the number of patents waiting for cancer treatment for over two months “increased ‘substantially’ amid lockdown.”

And the fears of Hampton and the thousands of others who rallied in London may yet come true, because the UK’s health secretary has just warned that “nationwide restrictions cannot be ruled out” should another coronavirus wave occur in the winter.

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