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JackSepticEye comments on how PewDiePie deals with criticism

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Top YouTube content creator PewDiePie recently took a break from his daily routine of uploading videos on YouTube.

His friend JackSepticEye, who is also a content creator, spoke with him while in hibernation to find out whether PewDiePie’s decision to take a break from the YouTube scene was the effect of the numerous scrutiny that he has been getting despite his popularity.

In a recent interview with Metro, a UK-based newspaper, JackSepticEye revealed the effect of his friend’s absence from YouTube on his lifestyle.

He said that despite the criticism hurled to his friend, many don’t know how humble and down to earth PewDiePie remained after all the successes that he has gained being the top YouTube content creator.

“When you talk to him personally, he doesn’t give off the any sort of the same energy as his channel, he’s a lot more down to earth than people seem to think he is,” JackSepticEye said.

Additionally, JackSepticEye also said that he can’t understand why so many people are so skeptical towards PewDiePie and he feels sad about how people twist things to attack his friend online.

He said that PewDiePie manages to handle most of the criticism with a positive attitude and that his friend just manages these criticisms as they come up.

According to JackSepticEye, although PewDiePie manages to deal with the negativity, it is not as easy as it may seem.

“Some things have affected him a lot but I think he has a strong head on his shoulders and he kind of deals with it as it comes up,” JackSepticEye said.

He admires his friend more because he maintains his sanity despite everything and remains as a regular guy.

JackSepticEye says that if the same thing happens to him, he would have already lost his mind by now.

It’s still unknown as to when PewDiePie will be resuming his YouTube activities after taking a break.

Even though he’s away, it hasn’t stopped PewDiePie from achieving more accolades as, despite his break from the limelight, his YouTube channel still continues to grow in his absence.

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