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YouTuber Jaclyn Hill talks about anxiety after botched makeup product launch

Jaclyn turned to alcohol.

After feeling pressure from her fans due to the dubious quality of her beauty products, the YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has admitted to having entered a stage of depression and anxiety.

2019, a year of conflicts in the makeup world

Jaclyn, a well-known personality for the production of multimedia content related to makeup, decided in 2019 to launch her own range of beauty products to the market after the insistence of her fans.

Many YouTubers have been looking to launch their own range of products in recent months, especially after earning a living on the platform through ads is increasingly difficult as creators are finding their videos demonetized.

However, Jaclyn’s venture did not turn out as expected.

The main product, a lipstick, lacked the corresponding quality controls, which ended in the release of cosmetic products of doubtful quality.

The angry buyers did not hesitate to publish images and messages denouncing the problems with the lipstick.

Customers complained about a series of defects – including irregular forms of the lipstick, and in some cases, fluff or “human hair.” (Though there is no evidence of the later).

Although the product suffered a strong rejection at the time, they were subsequently fixed and Jaclyn is still in the beauty products market.

However, this incident had repercussions on the influencer.

After the massive rejection that the YouTuber suffered for the quality of her lipstick, she says she began to show symptoms of depression and anxiety.

She confirmed this on February 3 through a video, where she claims to have gone through a serious mental deterioration.

The influencer said in the video that she decided to resort to alcohol and self-medication to treat her physical and psychological discomfort.

She reports that, before resorting to drugs, she says she had periods where she vomited almost every day of the week, which caused her to have a bloated face.

While she says she has no problems with obesity, it causes her discomfort to know the reason that led her to gain that weight.

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.