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Jeremy Clarkson admits to self-censoring to avoid online mobs

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Jeremy Clarkson, a British broadcaster who specializes in motoring, has admitted to self-censoring because of the fear of “cancel culture.” In the current online climate, one wrong statement could get such a veteran broadcaster fired due to backlash from the “woke mob.”

Traditionally, Clarkson has not shied away from speaking his mind. However, recently he admitted that he has to self-edit because of the fear of “cancel culture.” The Grand Tour presenter said that while commenting on a recent statement by Sir Tom Stoppard.

In an appearance on the BBC, Stoppard commented on how free speech has been eroded.

“50 years ago, it seemed to me that the freedom to say what you like within the constraints of the law of the land, was the freedom on which all other freedoms depended,” Stoppard said. “So it is essential that people were allowed their moment on the soapbox, on the platform.”

In a column, Clarkson referenced Sir Stoppard’s statement, writing: “Sir Tom Stoppard, the playwright, says that cancel culture has eroded free speech. He’s right. Today, I constantly edit myself when I’m out and about, fearful I may say something that brings down the wrath of the woke army on my head.”

In the piece for The Sun, Clarkson said: “It’s getting to the point where expressing opinions will become like self-love. Something you can only do when no one’s looking.”

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