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Joe Biggs banned from Twitter after being mysteriously unverified

Many people are suggesting that Biggs was banned for calling out Antifa.

Popular conservative commentator and two-time Purple-Heart winner Joe Biggs has been permanently banned from with no explanation. Biggs had over 214,000 followers when he was banned and his account was terminated shortly after its verification was mysteriously removed.

Many commentators believe the ban is related to Biggs calling out Antifa (anti-fascists) – a left-wing activist group that recently attacked journalist Andy Ngo and has reportedly been labeled as a “domestic terrorist” group by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Biggs reported that his Twitter account had been unverified shortly after calling out Antifa. Biggs hasn’t specified which tweet led to the removal of his verification but his last Antifa related tweet before being unverified was a link to a Fox News video about a march against Antifa. Verification is meant to show Twitter users that an account is authentic so Twitter’s decision to remove Biggs’ verification was strange and perhaps an ominous sign of what was to come.

A couple of hours after being unverified, Biggs posted an update to his account saying that he had been permanently banned from Twitter.

Biggs hasn’t said why his Twitter account was permanently suspended but many people are suggesting that the suspension is related to him calling out Antifa.

Other commentators are pointing out that @Lucet_Veritas, an account which exposed further Antifa violence in the wake of Ngo being assaulted, was also recently banned from Twitter and suggesting that Twitter is covering for Antifa by censoring evidence of their violence.

Before being banned, @Lucet_Veritas shared a viral video which showed Antifa attacking an elderly man with a crossbar (archive link). Ironically, when she shared this video, @Lucet_Veritas called the perpetrators of the attack #AntifaTerrorists and noted that Twitter was hiding this hashtag. Shortly after making this observation, her account was terminated.

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