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Joe Biggs reportedly banned from Shopify for “hate speech”

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Less than a day after being permanently suspended from Twitter, the conservative commentator and two-time purple heart winner Joe Biggs has reportedly been banned from the ecommerce platform Shopify for supposed “hate speech” violations.

Biggs was using Shopify to sell his t-shirts that featured a range of conservative and pro-Trump designs.

According to Biggs, his Shopify website was taken down for violating Shopify’s “hate speech” policies. His Shopify store home page now shows the message:

“Oops, something went wrong.

What happened?

This shop is unavailable”

It’s not clear how Biggs’ store violated Shopify’s “hate speech” policies and most of the designs don’t appear to feature anything that could be construed as hateful.

This isn’t the first time Shopify has reportedly taken action against t-shirts with conservative designs. Last month, comedian Steven Crowder said the ecommerce platform removed his “Socialism Is For Figs” t-shirt.

While Biggs’ Twitter and Shopify accounts have been shut down, he is still active on Facebook, Parler, and Instagram. He also recently set up a Telegram channel to communicate with his fans.

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