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Keisha Lance Bottoms says misinformation on social media stops people seeing Biden’s accomplishments

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In an interview on CBS, White House adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms said COVID-19 and online misinformation are the reasons Democrats have been having a hard time presenting their messages and are preventing the public from seeing all of the great work they’ve apparently done.

The host of the interview, Margaret Brennan, noted President Joe Biden’s recent comment in Chicago that people are yet to realize how good his government’s accomplishments have been.

At the Democratic Finance reception in Chicago, Biden congratulated Illinois’ Sen. Dick Durbin for advancing the agendas of the White House.

“Dick, you’ve been amazing. And you’ve been amazing in every major piece of legislation as well. We passed some really important things. And so, they’re — the only drawback is they’ve been so good — I’m not being facetious now — they’ve been so good people haven’t realized how good they are yet,” Biden said.

Brennan asked, “If the policies are so good, why is communicating them such a problem?”

“Well it’s been a very difficult couple of years,” Bottoms responded. “We’ve been in the midst of a pandemic, there’s been a lot of misinformation flooding the airwaves. We see it in ways not just on television but we’re seeing it through YouTube. We’re seeing it on other social media platforms. So it is more difficult to get the message out.”

She said that misinformation is a problem offline and online and said the interview she was in was an example of Democrats making an effort.

“So it is more difficult to get the message out, but I’m sitting here today getting the message out,” Lance Bottoms said.

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