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Kenyan government finally suspends flights from China after being mocked by citizens online

It took a social media campaign to hold the government accountable.

At a juncture where the world is blocking some flights from due to the fear of coronavirus infection, the Kenyan government, however, is accused of allowing airlines to bring hordes of infected passengers into the country.

While Uhuru Kenyatta’s government is not taking adequate action, the country’s internet users harnessed the power of social media to spread awareness about the potential danger the country was facing and hold the government to account.

Kenyans have successfully led an online rebellion against the government and forced it into stopping flights bringing infected passengers from China with a country-wide social media campaign.

The country’s under-equipped and underpowered healthcare system is in no way equipped to tackle a massive coronavirus outbreak, meaning that the citizens are better off trying to prevent the infection, than attempting to cope after it has spread.

What’s more, a recent study published in the Lancet Journal said that Kenya had a relatively low chance of being infected by the coronavirus, while highlighting that the country is currently incapable of dealing with an outbreak.

“Resources, intensified surveillance, and capacity building should be urgently prioritized in countries [such as Kenya] with moderate risk that might be ill-prepared to detect imported cases and to limit onward transmission,” concluded the report.

China is Kenya’s chief trade partner, because of which the country did not want to have a row with its friend, and as a result, allowed flights to pass through the country.

With more than 3,000 deaths registered globally, coronavirus is now turning out to be a pandemic. The infection, while first originating in China, eventually spread out to other nations such as , South Korea, and Italy.

The infection is said to be spreading through all countries that experience a massive influx of Chinese tourists, because of which Kenya too, had to act quickly and prevent infected Chinese from infecting its country.

Social media users roasted the country’s officials online, eventually causing the government to react and suspend flights from China.

On Friday, Kenyan High Court ordered that the flights originating from China were to be temporarily banned from entering the country’s airports due to the coronavirus outbreak. “I find that unless conservatory orders sought are granted Kenyans will continue to be exposed to the deadly disease coronavirus,” said the Judge James Makau.

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