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Lawmakers criticize Facebook for censoring local Wisconsin conservative news outlet

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Republican politicians have criticized Facebook for removing the page of a highly-rated Wisconsin-based conservative outlet, the Wisconsin Right Now.

According to the outlet, Facebook did not provide a reason for the removal of the page. Efforts to appeal the decision have been unsuccessful.

Republican politicians have criticized Facebook for its decision and demanded the page be reinstated.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said: “Just like they’ve repeatedly done to me, liberal Big Tech social media giants are censoring conservatives in Wisconsin because they are countering the narrative of the radical left that is destroying America.

“This is further escalation in their insidious war on free speech and represents a true danger to our democracy. Democrats and their allies in Big Tech will continue to censor and suppress conservatives unless we fight back and win.”

The candidate for the state attorney general seat Eric Toney promised to “work with state and federal attorneys general to use antitrust laws to hold big tech accountable” if he is elected. He said the censorship of the page is an “attack on free speech.”

“It’s absurd that Facebook is censoring Wisconsin’s top-ranked conservative news site in the middle of a critical midterm election year,” said Kevin Nicholson, who hopes to be the next governor of Wisconsin.

“Facebook continues to show its bias and corruption as they choose to censor voters from learning about reality – just as they did in the 2020 election. Facebook should absolutely reverse their decision and uncensor Wisconsin Right Now’s page immediately.”

Former Lieutenant Governor for Wisconsin Rebecca Kleefisch said: “Unaccountable Big tech companies continue to silence conservative voices. Wisconsin Right Now does important work educating conservative voters and covering the things they care about. Those same conservatives deserve to have their voices heard, and Facebook should immediately reverse course.”

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