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French media group’s LeLive launches on Twitch, experiences technical problems, broadcasts n-word, gets banned

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Technical problems and racial slurs constituted the very first stream of the LeLive program on Twitch, which ended with the ban of the channel a few hours after being launched.

A premiere with style

Webedia, a French media company specialized in digital content with a presence in several countries, has had a thunderous premiere on Twitch.

In an attempt to expand to all possible platforms to reach young audiences, Webedia’s LeLive program was released on February 3 within the streaming service, but the broadcast quickly ended in a channel ban.

As soon as the transmission began, connectivity problems overshadowed the content.

Many were the complaints of the users for the quality in which the program was being transmitted; in addition to that, it had a remarkable desynchronization between sound and images.

Although these technical problems were solved as the stream developed, what some viewers did not forgive was the word choice made by presenter Kevin Razy.

The moment Razy entered the scene, he did so by saying “YouTube Money, n *** ers”.

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However, in the case of the LeLive stream, this was massively reported by users who managed to have the account banned shortly after the comment.

The end of LeLive on Twitch?

This block could mean the end of LeLive on Twitch.

A user took advantage of the situation to claim the channel’s name and now maintains it as a “hostage”, requesting Webedia to pay €5,000 if they want to recover the pseudonym.

LeLive will continue its transmissions, and those can be seen in other media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Mixer.

In fact, the next episode will air on February 6.

The ban, however, will still be in effect by that date. Nor has it been said whether reprisals will be taken against presenter Kevin Razy, the main cause of the account ban. It remains to be seen if in their next transmission they will comment on the subject, or if on the contrary, they will continue with their standard content.

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