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Many Israelis are about to find their vaccine passport revoked unless they get a booster

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From Sunday, the criteria for Israel’s proof of vaccination permit app, known as the Green Pass, will change, with new regulations deciding who is eligible for the pass and the old ones to be expired.

For many Israelis, “fully vaccinated” now includes a booster shot and so many of those who’ve had only two vaccine shots will be denied access to many services until they get a third.

Those who got vaccinated simply to get access to some goods and services have now found themselves blocked from accessing those goods and services until they get yet another shot.

However, due to technical difficulties on the Health Ministry’s website, many people were unable to register for the new pass. The previous passes will be valid “for the next few days,” according to the ministry.

In general, people renewing their Green Pass must have received their third or second dosage of the coronavirus vaccine within the last six months, according to the revised eligibility standards. The new Green Pass will include a digital signature that businesses must scan before admitting holders.

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