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UK lawmaker “Censorship Queen” Margot James resigns

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British lawmaker Margot James who promoted massive censorship programs against social media giants, as well as pushed the UK’s disastrous porn ID system and “online harms” agenda to curb free speech, has resigned as Digital and the Creative Industries secretary.

While James had not long been in the role, having started in January of 2018, her policies and ideas managed to get the attention of digital rights freedoms groups as her vision of the future of the United Kingdom was one of censorship and limited speech.

Her proposals have caused her to be referred to as the “Censorship Queen” by rights groups.

James’ resignation, however, had nothing to do with criticism of her policies. She resigned after turning her back on the official Conservative party plans to allow a no-deal Brexit – a form of Brexit in which Britain would leave the European Union without having to make a deal with the Union.

James, whose proposals – at least when it comes to online censorship – are very much in line with the European Union – voted against a motion that would make it easier for Britain to leave without a deal. She joined rival parties Labour, Liberal Democrats, and SNP in voting and then went one step further and resigned from her role.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said: ‘The Prime Minister is obviously disappointed that a number of ministers failed to vote in this afternoon’s division.

‘No doubt her successor will take this into account when forming their government.’

The spokesperson is referencing the fact that candidate Boris Johnson is likely to be the next UK Prime Minister and, as a supporter of a “no-deal” Brexit, Margo James’ betrayal will be something he’s not likely to forget. This means her chances of being given a government cabinet role where she can preside over the policing of speech in the UK is almost non-existent.

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