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Martin Luther King’s niece protested by students, accused of racism and supporting Trump after virtual event

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Pro-abortion students at Georgetown University, a Catholic university, are demanding the public condemnation of pro-life speakers who participated in a virtual event at the school in late January. The students singled out Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, and accused her of “bigotry and hatred.”

In late January, Georgetown University held the annual Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, which is considered “the largest student-run, pro-life conference in the nation.” The conference has been held at the university for more than 20 years and was this year held virtually.

This year, H*yas for Choice, a pro-abortion activist group in the school took issue with the conference. The students wrote a petition to the university’s administration, demanding the public condemnation of the speakers at the event.

Reclaim The Net obtained the petition as presented here.

“As a Jesuit university that supposedly values ‘academic excellence,’ ‘cura personalis,’ ‘faith that does justice,’ and ‘community in diversity,’ Georgetown must publicly condemn the speakers of this conference and force student organizers to permanently change the conference’s name,” the anti-abortion students wrote in the petition.

The petition specifically mentions the “problematic” speakers at the event, including Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King.

“Speaker Alveda King is Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece. However, unlike her uncle who preached tolerance and justice, Alveda King promotes bigotry and hatred….She is also an avowed Trump supporter, and has publicly and continuously countered allegations condemning Trump for being racist, tweeting “President Trump is not a racist!! He is one of the best presidents America has ever seen! I fully support him!”

Furthermore, she has referred to abortions as “womb-lynchings,” stating that “lynching is not a sacred cow reserved for the lamentations of descendants of black slaves in America.” In addition, she has publicly voiced her opposition to the Black Lives Matter Organization, inaccurately claiming that it supports “genocide and mayhem.”

According to the pro-abortion group, the conference and its theme “threaten and harm the Georgetown community.” It continues to say that the “anti-LGBTQ+, racist, and misogynistic ideologies,” aired by speakers such as MLK’s niece, are proof of the university’s “lack of regard for the wellbeing of marginalized members” in the university’s student body.

Georgetown University is yet to respond to the petition.

If you're tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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2 Responses

  1. I have stopped providing all donations to the catholic church and am highly selective as who and or whom that I make my direct donations too!!

    Georgetown capitulated to osamam bin o sellout the radical islamic suoporter if the murdering jihadist worldwide network!!

    Remember when obozo made Georgetown cover Statutes of Our Holy Mother and Saints to provide the muslims a quiet prayer room!!

    Francis is a traitor and has sold out the church!!

    8f he wants money let him sell of the riches of the vatican, disband his armed swizz guard psra military bodyguard fore and tare down the vatican wall!!

    Then sell off its vast property holdings and treasures and throw the resident priests and nuns back out to do what they are minister to the “church’s flock”!!

    Then thin out the ranks if the top heavy church hierarchy!!

    While doing it defrock and get rid of the perverted and gay and lesbian nuns like martin!!

    Cut off all vatican and papal funding to all catholic colleges and universities and close them rather than succumb to francis and his new bff satanic new world order hellions and perverts and preaching the word of the anti Christ!!
    Get rid of francis and elevate Cardinal Vigano, Schneider, Sarah and bring back the pre vatican 2 sellout ministry and reinstate the Traditional teachings, to include the Tridentine Mass and Latin period!!

    Then defrock francis and his followers and excommunicated them all!!

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