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Meta’s metaverse plans to track user facial expressions, monetize with data-driven ads

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Dozens of recently-filed patents revealed that Meta Platforms Inc. plans to track users’ facial expressions and eye movements, as well as body poses.

The company also plans to monetize the metaverse by creating “virtual stores” to sell ad-sponsored goods based on user data.

The patents, first reported by the Financial Times, revealed that Meta wants to use biometric data to create more natural-looking avatars using augmented reality or virtual reality.

The company is reported to be working on an “avatar personalization engine” that would create 3D avatars using a users’ photos.

There was also a patent for a system that can detect facial expression through headsets. The system can then analyze the expressions and “adapt media content.”

Another patent filing is for a “wearable magnetic sensor system” that a user can position around their torso for “body pose tracking.”

There was also a patent for a headset that can make users see brighter graphics depending on which direction they’re looking. The company will collect data on users for more personalization of ad content, the patent documents suggested.

“For us, the business model in the metaverse is commerce-led,” Nick Clegg, Meta’s head of global affairs, told FT. “Clearly ads play a part in that.”

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously said that the company will invest $10 billion every year for the next 10 years in the metaverse technology.

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