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Michelle Malkin envisions a post-Google world with alternative tech

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Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin has her sights set on a post-Google world. After her hit CPAC speech in which she asked, “Where are the sanctuary spaces for law-abiding conservatives who simply want to exercise their rights to free speech and peaceable assembly?”, – Malkin has expressed her frustration with left-wing operated tech companies and is looking for alternatives.

source: michellemalkin @twitter

“How are you transitioning to post- @twitter, post – @facebook , post-@google world? It’s coming. Recommendations welcome” – she asked on Twitter.

Malkin then suggested she was experimenting with several tools that are considered challengers to big-tech monopolies, ones that don’t censor speech and manipulate through algorithms.

Brave. The first tool Malkin mentioned was the privacy-focused browser, Brave – available on both desktop and Mobile. Brave respects users’ privacy and blocks ads. The fact that it blocks ads and tracking means you also get a faster browsing experience.

DuckDuckGo. Malkin said that she was testing the Google-competitor and private search ending DuckDuckGo – known as “the search ending that doesn’t track you”. DuckDuckGo’s success has reached new heights in recent months, as more people become skeptical of Google’s practices and are looking for tools that don’t manipulate results and let them search for what they need without building a profile on them.

Minds. The crypto social network Minds is another tool that Malkin has been testing. Instead of tracking users, Minds rewards users with cryptocurrency for contributing and has more favorable ideals of free speech compared to its silicon-valley counterpart Facebook.

ProtonMail. Mass data collection has long been criticized and one of the most notable communication companies that vow to protect your data is ProtonMail – the email service that offers end-to-end encryption. With encryption protocols that mean even ProtonMail can’t your communications, the Switzerland-based company is a gold standard for privacy defenders.

Malkin then asked her followers to recommend some tools for file-sharing.

The recent precedent for tools to oppose silicon valley monopolies is growing due to interest from those that want to defend liberty online. As young people are moving away from Facebook in large droves, there’s a good opportunity for users to take back control of their privacy and free speech, and that some of these alternative tech platforms and tools will take center stage in a “post-Google world”.

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