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Motion Picture Association wants online ID checks to curb piracy

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The Motion Picture Association (MPA) wants stricter online identity checks to be part of the new trade agreement between the US and countries in the Indo-Pacific region. The film industry group also wants offline enforcement tools to apply online.

MPA is concerned that website operators use unconfirmed identities when signing up for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services. There are multiple types of IaaS services, but MPA narrows it down to CDNs, proxy services, domain registrars, and web hosting. Companies providing these services enable piracy by providing their services to piracy websites, MPA argues.

IaaS services providers are currently not legally obligated to carry out identity checks. MPA believes the new trade agreement between the US and Indo-Pacific region is an opportunity to introduce such a requirement, Torrent Freak reports.

In a letter to the US Trade Representative, who represents the US in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) negotiations, the MPA encouraged the introduction of stricter online identity checks.

“Commercial entities that intentionally distribute illegal and harmful services or content online tend to hide their true identity when they sign up for online services, such as web hosting. This anonymity complicates law enforcement efforts to the detriment of consumers..,” the MPA wrote.

“By verifying and retaining the identity of business customers, IaaS providers can help deepen consumer trust in the safety and security of the online marketplace.”

The MPA also recommended that offline piracy enforcement tools should apply online.

“Piracy services steal and disseminate content, depriving creators of millions of dollars in fair remuneration that they would otherwise use to fund U.S. production and employ thousands of Americans,” the MPA wrote.

“Including a provision in IPEF to help ensure the full availability of online enforcement tools would respond to the harm of digital piracy on the US economy and US workers.”

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