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Mainstream media organizations are republishing and selling The Mueller Report as ebooks for easy profit

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All 448 pages of the long-awaited “Mueller Report” are now out, and, having been praying all along that there was Russian collusion, mainstream media organizations are not going to let the fact that the report found “no collusion” stop them from making a quick buck.

While the report is provided online for free and is in the public domain, many publishers are rushing to publish their own versions of the report in an ebook format – along with commentary and enlightening opinions of some of the United States’ finest journalists…like from The Washington Post.

Some of the publishers include Scribner, Skyhorse Publishers, Barnes & Noble, and Audible. Skyhorse and Scribner will be releasing their editions by April 26th. However, Melville’s house confirmed that it could take them less than ten days, while Barnes and Noble are attesting its release on April 29th.

The Justice Department has allowed anyone to make the report purchasable by law since it is in the public domain; meaning copyright protections are exempt.

Mueller’s report is expected to be ranked among the bestselling books in the United States, where Scribner as a publisher is expecting high return sales.

To promote this, editions are using eye-catching titles like “timeline of significant events’’, ‘’cast of investigation’s key figures’’, ‘’ The case Against Impeaching Trump’’, and the ‘’Introduction by investigative journalists Rosalind S. Helderman and Matt Zapotosky’’.

Rehashed versions of the report are coming to an Amazon page near you.

There seems to be everything but a graphic novel version of the report – although, don’t be surprised if that turns up.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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