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Torrent site Demonoid rises from the ashes with a new version

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A Demonoid staff-created replica of the famous torrent site keeps the legacy of founder Deimos alive. The new website conserves the look and feel of the original, offering a valid option to the users of the now-defunct torrent tracker.

As one of the oldest torrent communities, Demonoid has gone through many ups and downs over the years.

Demonoid is one of the oldest torrent trackers and one of the most experienced on the internet’s ups and downs throughout the years. The site often changed domain, and disappeared from the web sometimes even for prolonged periods, only to reappear later.

Things changed last summer when Demonoid’s founder, Deimos, died in an accident – as reported by one of the website’s moderators phaze1G. Months later it became clear that without its founder the website was not going to be able to go back online.

Staffers at Demonoid were devastated to hear the news, but at the same time, they were determined to honor Deimos by creating a place where former users of the website could carry on interacting.

They initially started a forum,, to involve more and more users. The forum, however, did not allow people to share files, so the staffers created a brand-new Demonoid torrent site. Thanks to old members who offered servers, coding, and graphic design, came to life.

“Demonoid has a really massive user base, many of them are fans just like me, and just seeing the look of Demonoid feels like a ‘home’ to thousands,” said phaze1G to TorrentFreak about the new site.

Aesthetically, Dnoid is identical to its predecessor, but it is completely different in its structure. The new website doesn’t operate a tracker, and users have to sign in to open an account.

At the moment does not itself host torrents. It is merely a magnet index with a Demonoid paint job that allows users to add links.

Anybody can join the site, but it is possible that in the future the site will limit registrations to keep spammers and other bad actors under control.
The site’s sole purpose is to honor Deimos’ legacy, while partially keeping other sites from illegitimately take over the brand.

“The point is not to compete with the original Demonoid or to be above other public torrents sites. It’s just to keep a memory of Demonoid and its founder Deimos, who is well-known around old folks and who set really high standards for torrent communities ever since 2003,” explains phaze1G.

“Demonoid always had a special spot in people’s hearts. Keeping a memento of it without letting others ruin it by making copycats and phishing sites from it is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to him and keeping his legacy alive.”

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