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Nick Searcy to launch new Hollywood-alternative streaming platform that doesn’t censor for China

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Actor and director Nick Searcy is working to provide a Hollywood alternative that is free from gatekeepers and censorship. In the current polarized world where everything is tainted by identity politics and mass censorship is taking place on behalf of China, Searcy and his partners are working on CE Studios.

CE Studios, branded Créado, is an American media and entertainment company supporting artistic freedom and traditional American values. The company, which will provide an alternative to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, will launch in three stages. Créado Cinema, set to launch in March 2021, will be a streaming service distributing pro-American films and general family entertainment.

Créado Media, set to launch in May 2021, will be a subscription-based platform for artists and influencers. The final stage will be Créado Studios, which will produce original series and films.

“For decades the Hollywood studios, the mainstream media and Silicon Valley have held the keys to the content kingdom with unfettered power over what content gets written, produced, distributed and consumed,” said Searcy, in a statement sent to Reclaim The Net. “This has led to a complete cultural shift in our country where censorship, groupthink, and cancel culture are now at a boiling point in society.”

According to PwC Research, China owns stakes in a majority of Hollywood studios, meaning most of the film content in the market. In simpler terms, Hollywood often no longer produces pro-American content.

“This has created a massively underserved audience of 100 million or more Americans eager for access to content that doesn’t insult their faith, family or country,” Searcy said.

CE Studios added that the trend is not only in the film industry but also in music. According to him, artists are strong-armed to do things they are not comfortable with by these foreign companies that use biased algorithms.

“To do this right, we have to build our own technology to separate ourselves and our customers from reliance on platforms owned by the same gatekeepers who are actively censoring artists”, said Jason Lehr, the president of CE Studios, also in a statement sent to Reclaim The Net.

The new entertainment company has been raising capital and hopes to launch phase one, the streaming service, by the end of next year’s first quarter.

CE Studios might tap into the media and entertainment industry, projected to go beyond 2.6 trillion by 2023, and change the way things are currently done in the film industry.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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