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Odysee announces its biggest ever performance upgrade, promises “no more buffering”

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Decentralized video sharing platform Odysee has deployed the biggest performance upgrade in its history and promises that there will now be “no more buffering on Odysee.”

The upgrade has been made to address user feedback about playback performance.

“We know many of you have complained about playback performance so we’re glad to be able to finally bring you this news today,” Odysee wrote in its announcement.

The performance upgrade follows Odysee’s recent release of video chapters which make it easier for creators to timestamp key moments in their videos and for viewers to jump to these moments.

The decentralized video sharing platform also recently released its Android app (which has background play, tipping, and more) and launched premium plans (which have ad-free viewing and other exclusive features).

In addition to releasing new features and apps, Odysee has also brought several popular creators to the platform in recent months including satire site The Babylon Bee and Brazil’s biggest podcast Flow.

One of the key factors that sets Odysee apart from YouTube, the world’s biggest video sharing platform, is its attitude to free speech. YouTube regularly censors videos for violating its far-reaching terms of service while Odysee has adopted a pro-free speech stance and welcomed varying opinions on its platform.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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