Online Video Converter suspends service after YouTube crackdown

The recent blocks from YouTube have caused the website to just give up completely and only provider services for other video services.

The recent decision of YouTube to make its content protected from “violative downloads”, as YouTube engineers call it, worked. The biggest stream-ripping website decided to disable YouTube conversion and focus on other services. The decision is a hard one for an online service that made its name by allowing users to download their favorite videos from YouTube or any other video streaming platform.

The company has a long history of providing excellent service to its users. However, it will stop converting YouTube videos permanently. The first issue appeared on the horizon at the beginning of July when YouTube decided to implement a new measure against stream-ripping. The company simply banned several servers associated with onlinevideoconverter and similar services.

The industry adopted immediately, switched to other servers or changed IP-addresses. While the service was restored quickly, the management of onlinevideoconverter decided to stop the fight altogether. The company is already working on adapting their SEO to the new reality. You can still find the website by googling something like “download YouTube videos”, but the service will be disabled.

OVC decided to disable the service voluntarily. It will continue offering their services to rip streamed content from other platforms but not YouTube. Other similar ripping services are not interested in removing the feature and will fight for their products. Many companies recently commented on the issue and stated that they “will always find a solution”. Many believe that the efforts to stop stream-rippers are futile.

On the other hand, too many sites that do not work regularly will sway a big portion of users away from the idea of downloading content. YouTube hopes and prays that the industry will slowly die out as more and more servers are banned from accessing the video-hosting and video-streaming platform. Similar methods may be implemented by YouTube competitors. still has a market and a product to offer, but it will quickly lose relevance if video-streaming services such as YouTube,, and others will continue implementing anti-ripping measures. The same goes for websites like,, and other video-ripping services.

Igor Tyan

Igor Tyan is an online culture writer for Reclaim The Net. His main topics revolve around the growing devisions in today's internet culture and censorship that takes place on online platforms. He keeps an eye on the zeitgeist at all times. [email protected]