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OpenSea launches mobile app, but is limited by Apple and Google’s oppressive rules

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There’s a lot of recent excitement about OpenSea, the marketplace for those who are interested in decentralized finance and collectibles. But, up until now they’ve had no apps available on either iPhone or Android.

OpenSea, this weekend, launched a new app for both platforms.

However, it’s not going to be the app that the developers would have ultimately wanted in a perfect world – that’s because it has to be limited for viewing digital collectibles/NFTs only, in order to comply with Apple and Google’s rules.

As NFTs are digital products, gatekeepers such as Apple and Google want a cut, something not possible with cryptocurrency, meaning that users won’t be able to use the app to buy and sell, only view their collections.

Using OpenSea, users can manage their profiles, search, and filter NFTs, add favorites to collections, and view collections and item info. An option appears when you view an NFT in the app that lets you share it with people who do not have the app.

“The new OpenSea mobile app makes discovering and managing your NFTs easier than ever. You can now browse new work from your favorite artists, check what’s hot on the OpenSea rankings page, visit our help center, and read the OpenSea blog on the go,” the company announced.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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