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Trump official Peter Navarro calls Big Tech a “collusive oligopoly” after getting locked out of Twitter

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The “culling” of social media accounts belonging to former members of the Trump administration continues, the latest being the Twitter account of Peter Navarro, former White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.

Navarro is a vocal critic of censorship happening on these corporate centralized social platforms, and he told Fox News that the continued removal of accounts was premeditated action.

Although he had not posted on Twitter during the last two weeks, the account is now suspended for “unusual traffic,” Navarro revealed what he had been told, adding that his voice on the platform was being suppressed because of what he has to say and who he is, rather than because of anything he might have done (to violate Twitter’s rules).

He accused Google, Twitter and Amazon bosses Pichai, Dorsey, and Bezos of taking it upon themselves to “shut up half of America” and of violating free speech protections contained in the First Amendment.

But he also vowed that this “will not” and “cannot” stand.

Navarro’s problems on Twitter come two weeks after he openly and eloquently spoke against Big Tech’s behavior as a case of “a classic collusive oligopoly,” calling at the same time “chilling” the way they appear to have conspired to attack in a coordinated manner, and destroy independent alternatives like Parler.

Navarro recognized that the censorship game had been taken to another level when Google and Apple first removed the app from their stores, making it unavailable to a majority of users, for Amazon to then come in for the kill by denying Parler its cloud hosting services and effectively wiping it off the internet.

Navarro said at the time he thought Parlier had a strong case if it sued for damages, and also urged Congress to investigate Big Tech’s behavior on antitrust grounds.

What they did was different from deplatforming people for free speech, he remarked. And Navarro didn’t stop there, accusing Twitter in particular of taking part in actions that threaten US democracy by silencing the country’s own president, while allowing other leaders, even controversial ones often described as authoritarian, like those of Iran and China, to voice their opinions freely on the platform.

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