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Tech CEO Peter Rex says we need to support “alternative tech power structures” outside of Silicon Valley

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Big Tech’s market dominance that gives these companies what at times looks like a free hand to shape public opinion through censorship and control, is rubbing others in the same industry the wrong way.

One of them is tech entrepreneur Peter Rex who recently spoke for Fox and previously penned an op-ed for Fox Business, presenting his ideas and a plan to fight against Big Tech’s monopoly, not least when it comes to their political and ideological beliefs and biases exemplified in the Silicon Valley culture.

But Rex wants to tackle more than censorship, which is an obvious manifestation of power – he would like to chip away at the source of that power, money, by giving a chance to innovative competition.

His plan is to focus on “diversity of thought, values-driven tech entrepreneurs and alternative tech power structures.”

In order for conservatives to secure some foothold in this industry whose importance will only grow, to ensure they are represented and allowed to speak their mind without being censored and suppressed, Rex said they must spend money.

Rex, who is a billionaire and founder and CEO of a company named after him said that investments need to be made in order to counter what’s described as Silicon Valley’s far left position – however he touched not only on ideology, but also on class, saying that conservatives must help get alternatives off the ground and make sure that freedom of speech is guaranteed to the working class, that is traditionally hit the hardest.

He referenced his own Irish origins as the reason he is well aware of, and resistant to censorship and the working class being “held down” by their overlords, and vowed to “fight for them” now.

Rex, whose company is based in Texas, proposes basing the future of the conservative movement in the US, where tech is concerned, in investing in those startups and people behind them who are “grounded in Judeo-Christian thinking” – and physically remove the center of this effort from the Silicon Valley and Seattle that are Big Tech’s strongholds, to other, new locations where the community is strongly oriented toward freedom, family and faith.

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