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PewDiePie roasts Jake Paul’s Financial Freedom course, calls it a scam

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PewDiePie has criticized fellow YouTuber Jake Paul after learning about Paul’s new online “Financial Freedom Movement” subscription, going as far as suggesting that it’s a scam.

Jake Paul, who has recently suggested that mounting lawsuits against him could result in him being financially ruined, launched a new online course a week ago that’s designed to teach members how to reach financial freedom.

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PewDiePie was away at the time of the course’s launch but in today’s video spent some time picking apart Paul’s latest offering and called it “bullsh*t”.

“What is Jake Paul doing right now? What is he up to? That little snake,” PewDiePie said before diving into detail about what the new course was about.

“Yes, Jake Paul is the person I look at when I envision financial freedom,” PewDiePie said sarcastically.

PewDiePie reacted to Jake Paul’s Twitter post that announced the course and that also explained why he was starting the program to teach people how to become internet famous.

PewDiePie laughed at Paul’s grammatical errors, saying, “This is embarrassing.”

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“It’s so disingenuous to put forth that this is what you are passionate about when in reality the only thing Jake Paul has shown himself to be passionate about is making money,” PewDiePie said when he read the segment that explained how Jake Paul said he was passionate about helping others.

“Jake Paul is the kind of celebrity that doesn’t have any real value. You can replace Jake Paul with anything. Or anyone. He’s literally empty, and no one,” PewDiePie said. “This just another scam. It’s complete bullsh*t.

“So much of the education system is outdated,” PewDiePie did admit – but suggested that Jake Paul isn’t the right person to go to get an education from.

“What the f*ck is Jake Paul going to teach you about it?” PewDiePie added.

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