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PewDiePie talks demonetization, says “a YouTube career could end at any point”

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PewDiePie has weighed in on YouTube changes that are affecting creators on the platform. During a recent DLive stream, PewDiePie talked about how he was shocked that fellow YouTuber David Dobrik was hit harshly by the YouTube “Adpocalypse” and expressed the need for creators on the platform to diversify.

While PewDiePie is known for YouTube, he says he’s been careful not to put all of his eggs in one basket and to make sure he has opportunities outside of YouTube advertising monetization.

While reading through an article about YouTube’s latest COPPA regulations and impending blow for creators, PewDiePie said he’s “always been mindful that a YouTube career could end at any point.”

PewDiePie has already made his opinions known regarding new changes coming to the platform – especially the more automated changes that are going to leave the fate of creators in the hands of YouTube’s algorithm. If the algorithm decides that YouTubers are creating content for kids, their income can be cut by as much as 90%.

Fellow YouTuber Dobrik recently announced that his income recently dropped from $275k for 60 million views to around only $2,000 for nearly 180 million views.

Dobrik said the demonetization was a “wake-up call” and that he realized that he needs to expand into other areas such as merchandise and brand deals – in the same way that PewDiePie has.

YouTuber Jake Paul recently announced that he was going to be quitting YouTube and exploring other areas as YouTube changes have made the platform less worthwhile to be on.

PewDiePie lamented that while there are alternative platforms for streamers – DLive, Twitch, Mixer etc – YouTube pretty much as a monopoly on the video upload space.

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