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Pokémon fans hit with false YouTube copyright strikes

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Pokémon anime YouTube fan channels are reporting that they have been receiving multiple copyright strikes from the producer of the animated TV show, ShoPro.

The creators behind these YouTube fan channels have taken to Twitter to complain about recent takedown requests from ShoPro.

Pokeferlax took to Twitter to explain that YouTubers simply using still images from the TV show have been hit with multiple copyright strikes, which has resulted in the removal of content.

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In response, TeamYouTube said, “Hey, we’re taking a closer look at this & will update you as soon as we can.”

Pokeferlax’s YouTube channel currently has little content, with multiple similar accounts facing a similar fate.

Another Twitter account, CoreySpikeChase, posted a video about the issue of ShoPro copyright strikes, and wrote, “ShoPro, YOU Are Hurting Your Fans & Community! STOP THIS NOW!”

Those affected by the copyright claims insist that they have not violated YouTube’s Fair Use policy. Nonetheless, they could lose their accounts and years of work after three strikes.

ShoPro has yet to comment on the issue.

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