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Popular Podcast “Breaking Points” Joins Rumble

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Rumble, an increasingly prominent provider of free speech cloud services and video-sharing disclosed today that it would serve as the new subscription provider for the popular news analysis podcast, Breaking Points. This move strengthens Rumble’s standing as a leading platform for political discourse.

Breaking Points will provide exclusive content on Rumble, featuring an interactive format that’s accessible to the general public. A subscription-based full version of the show will be available on Locals, Rumble’s affiliated platform. Paying subscribers will get exclusive member-only access and weekly Q&A opportunities.

The inclusion of Breaking Points in Rumble and Locals’ content portfolio is hoped to further expand its already impressive audience, and solidify its reputation in the podcast sphere. The show has already built a substantial fan base across multiple platforms, attracting millions with its topical and bold commentary.

Krystal Ball, co-creator, and co-host of Breaking Points, together with Saagar Enjeti, affirmed that Rumble’s commitment to unrestricted speech makes it perfectly suited for the expansion and delivery of their no holds barred content. She said, “Rumble’s commitment to free speech makes it the ideal partner for our subscription business and expansion of content, where we can continue our mission of fearless, anti-establishment commentary and coverage of top headlines affecting Americans.”

Ball also added that, “As a program that consistently supports free speech across the ideological spectrum, we can trust that we will always have a voice without censorship or limits of expression.”

The podcast will maintain its presence on other platforms, allowing listeners to continue accessing the paywalled podcast via their preferred platform, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Segments of the free version would also remain available across several channels.

Rumble’s top leadership welcomes the expected surge in audience growth with the addition of Breaking Points. Chris Pavlovski, Chairman and CEO of Rumble, said, “Bold and fearless personalities covering politics have seen incredible success on our platform, which is a testament to our engaged users looking for alternatives to corporate media.”

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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