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Privacy company Purism introduces more affordable SIM/mobile plan

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The privacy-focused mobile carrier Purism has announced the launch of a more affordable mobile plan, the Librem SIMple. The plan comes with monthly data and unlimited talk time at $39.

Traditional mobile carriers sell data collected from users to advertisers. They also create “unified customer identifiers” so that they can identify users even if they change devices. They use this so that they can offer cheaper prices to customers while they make unknown amounts of money off their customers on the backend by selling data.

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However, Purism promises not to sell your data. To fulfill that promise, it introduced the Librem AweSIM to protect users’ data from big carriers. The unlimited plan costs $99 per month. Now it has introduced Librem SIMple, a more affordable limited plan that goes for $39 per month.

“Most companies think data is gold. That’s why they are double-dipping from their paying customers to monetize customer data,” said Purism’s chief security officer Kyle Rankin. “Purism thinks data is uranium. We collect the least amount of customer data necessary to provide a service and get rid of it once we no longer need it.”

Like the Librem AweSIM, people using the Librem 5 or Librem 5 USA devices can order Librem SIMple. The plan can also be used as a prepaid plan on several unlocked devices, which do not use Purism’s OS.

According to a press release announcing the launch, a Librem SIMple subscription comes with unlimited talk and text within the US and 1GB of data. It also allows users to send texts to more than 160 countries and free-roaming in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

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