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Privacy-Focussed Email App Skiff Is Now Available As iPhone Default

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Skiff, an encrypted email service, is now among the options for default email apps on iOS devices.

Skiff’s stated goal is “empowering users worldwide to communicate and collaborate without fear of interception or surveillance.”

Skiff is open-sourced, end-to-end encrypted, and operates under a zero-trust approach to privacy – it does not collect sensitive user data like location.

Skiff was included in the list of default mail apps because of improvements made since the service was launched in 2022 like secure sign-in options, compatibility with all email links on iOS devices, and better offline support.

ProtonMail can be set as the default mail app, but other encrypted mail services like Tutanota are not yet available.

“We are thrilled that Apple has also made privacy a key priority, and has worked with us to ensure that end-to-end encrypted email is now seamlessly integrated with iOS,” said Andrew Milich, Skiff’s CEO, told TechRadar.

To set Skiff as the default email app, first download it, then navigate to Settings > Skiff Mail and select it as the default app.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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