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ProtonMail version 3.16 offers a range of new features

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ProtonMail, one of the world’s most secure email service providers – offering features such as end-to-end encryption and anonymous email – has released the latest version of their web app. The 3.16 version of ProtonMail’s web app is said to come with three new features that help in boosting security and convenience.

1. Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) —A faster and a more secure inbox

While several conventional end-to-end encryption email service providers often went with an RSA mode of encryption, ProtonMail has given up RSA for a better encryption model. It has joined several other growing tech services and is now offering ECC instead of RSA.

ECC is faster than RSA and saves processing time; as a result, several activities such as logging in, sending emails and encryption time will be quicker.

2. Link Confirmation—A measure against phishing attacks

This new security feature in ProtonMail can help you identify phishing attacks and protect yourself against them. In most cases, hackers tend to infect your system with phishing emails for gaining access to your account.

With the new update, users will now get a pop-up window that will ask the users if they are sure about following a URL to visit it. This way, potential phishing attacks can be prevented.

3. Undo— Saves you the hassle of restoring emails from a wrong folder

Oftentimes, we move emails to the wrong folder instead of the intended one. For instance, if I had to move an email from inbox to archive, I might sometimes end up accidentally clicking on ‘Move to Trash.’ In such cases, an undo option comes in handy.

This way, now I no longer need to go to Trash, fetch for my email and then send it back to the archive again. But then, the ‘undo’ button will last for a few seconds only. So one has to be quick to respond if they have sent an email to the wrong folder.

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