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Quinnipiac University threatens to cut off internet access for unvaccinated students

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Quinnipiac University, a private institution in Hamden, Connecticut, will punish students with fines and loss of internet for not complying with vaccination rules.

Universities across the nation have been adopting vaccination mandates and punishing students for not following the rules.

According to the Quinnipiac Chronicle, Unvaccinated students at Quinnipiac will be punished with a weekly fine starting at $100. The fee will increase by $25 every week until a maximum of $200. For the entire semester, the total fines could add up to $2,275.

Unvaccinated students also risk the loss of WiFi internet access and loss of access to the school’s network if they do not comply with the rules by September 14.

To stop the fines, a student has to submit proof of the first dose of vaccination.

Even after getting vaccinated, students still have to submit to the weekly tests until two weeks after the second dose.

Additionally, vaccination does not guarantee more freedom; the school imposed a mandatory indoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status.

Other universities across the nation have implemented vaccine mandates for students, including California State University, University of California, Rutgers University, University of Virginia, and Columbia University.

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