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Pop star’s leaked nude photos and videos spread online after she criticized India’s Prime Minister Modi

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Rabi Pirzada is a popular Pakistani Pop Star who recently gave up stardom after a series of controversies. Currently, the star is trying to get some nude photos and X-rated videos of herself scrubbed from the internet after an alleged privacy breach.

Unfortunately for her, this private material has become viral and removing it from the internet will be an impossible task.

Although no one knows for sure how those nude photos and videos ended up circulating on the internet, one strong theory suggests that the video was spread by an angry ex-boyfriend who had in his possession the iCloud password of Rabi Pirzada.

The former Pop Star wants this material removed ASAP, which is the reason why she got in contact with Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). However, it seems that this case escapes the FIA’s jurisdiction, so, her only hope lies with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), an organization to which the request has been forwarded.

Rabi Pirzada was amidst a different controversy when her nudes got leaked

Previous to the leak of her private pictures and videos, the Pop Star was involved in a different scandal after attacking India’s prime minister Narendra Modi on social media. In September, she posted a video posing with her pet snakes and alligator while claiming that the reptiles would “feast” on him.

The video, of course, garnered a lot of criticism both nationally and internationally, with even the extreme idea of jail time being discussed for her actions.

But things wouldn’t stop here, since in October she uploaded a photo on Twitter wearing a suicide vest with the hashtag #ModiHitler, threatening India’s prime minister once again.

Pirzada has attributed her political rant against Narendra Modi to New Delhi’s decision of stripping Indian-administered Kashmir of its autonomy.

This whole situation with the Indian prime minister and the leak of her private photos has led some to believe that she could’ve been targeted due to her controversial political speech, but no one knows for sure.

If the PTA succeeds in its investigation, then it might shed some light on what really happened.

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