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UK activist group campaigns to get US citizen Steve Bannon banned on Facebook

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If a UK group whose goal is to ramp up censorship on social platforms has its way, Steven Bannon will be banned from Facebook.

Facebook previously set up the Oversight Board as a way to respond to pressure coming from various circles that criticize the giant both for censoring too little, and too much.

It’s clear which camp the group calling itself, “The Real Facebook Oversight Board” – falls into.

The National Pulse notes that this UK-based outfit is meddling in US politics since it in the past declared it had “goals” concerning the US election (namely, steering Facebook in the desired direction); closer to home, these activists support anti-Brexiters.

(At the same time, the actual Oversight Board is said to be overwhelmingly critical of President Trump and three-quarters composed by non-US nationals.)

Now the UK group wants to make sure White House’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon is the first to be banned by Facebook as a result of its efforts. Denouncing Facebook’s Oversight Board as ineffective, “the real” version has vowed to defend democracy on social media by “making noise.”

But the lineup of this self-styled “PR and creative agency for democracy” appears highly questionable to some observers as it includes the likes of Carole Cadwalladr and Christopher Steele, previously in the spotlight for their role in the (since debunked) anti-Brexit and Russiagate efforts and claims.

The way the UK group promotes itself is as overseer of Big Tech, one that will prevent Joe Biden from becoming their “lapdog” – but what this likely means is that pressure needs to be maintained to continue to suppress conservative ideas and figures in the wake of the US election.

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