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Reeder 4 for MacOS has entered public beta

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If you’re a fan of RSS, there’s some good news this week. The public beta for the popular Reeder 4 app on MacOS was launched.

Reeder is a really neat app for tracking reading news. It is full of tools to make your surfing experience as smooth as possible and makes it easy to avoid unwanted websites.

It allows you to subscribe to websites and have everything you’re interested in easily accessible with only one tap. You can even choose to get notified when the website you’re subscribed to posts a new story.

In the new Reeder 4, which is still in the beta phase, there are many new personalization options since it is a complete rewrite of the app. Changes are applied to the interface, automated processes and many more.

One of the main features in the new Reeder 4 is the ability to set a certain story aside and mark it as “Read later”. This is super convenient if you are, for example, just searching through the news on the bus station but don’t have the time or enough attention to read it.

Once your article is saved on your Read Later list it can be accessed from all your iCloud-enabled devices, since the service works with iCould syncing.

When it comes to the actual interface updates, Reeder 4 now provides preview images next to the articles on your personalized list. This way you can see the images that are featured in the article as you scroll through each one of the articles.

If you like multitasking and want to look at the chat while searching the list of the websites you’ve subscribed to, now you can do it even more conveniently since the layout is more adjustable than ever.

You can select the one you like most in Preferences and the window layout will automatically change to accommodate your current window size.

One more process that’s automated is the Dark Mode, it can change depending on your macOS theme.

To make things just that simpler, pull-to-refresh has been implemented so you can initiate syncing or cycle through articles on your article view.

Reeder 3 will still continue working and Reeder 4 will not be subscription-based; it’s a buy-once deal. Currently, there is only Mac public beta version available, which you can download for free at Reeder.

The iOS version is almost done as well so expect it to hit public beta version soon.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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