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A new Republican bill wants to make it illegal for social media giants to censor against political free speech

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The ‘Stop Social Media Censorship Act’ aims at preventing the social media giants like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter from censoring posts and banning users on grounds of so-called “hate speech”. Republican Senator Joe Gruters has initiated this bill on March 1 and on March 8 2019, this bill was referred to the Innovation, Industry and Technology Committee.

Here’s what the bill aims to do:

Providing that the owner or operator of a social media website is subject to a private right of action by a social media website user in this state under certain conditions; prohibiting a social media website from using hate speech as a defense; authorizing the Attorney General to bring an action on behalf of a social media website user.

According to this bill, any social media platform with over 75 million users, if found censoring speech on the basis of ‘ideologically driven censorship’ will be penalized. The companies will have to pay $75,000 per violation. Or else, they have to restore the posts and the profile that has been banned or censored to avoid the charges for violation.

Liberals and left wingers have always shown their support for the acts of censorship by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other giants. In most cases, these companies have banned Republicans and conservatives. Over time, several conservatives felt like they were being censored and discriminated against on the social media platforms.

Many think these social media platforms shouldn’t have the power to censor people and single-handedly influence events like elections.

The bill states:

“A social media website may not use the social media website user’s alleged hate speech as a basis for justification or defense of the social media website’s actions at trial.”

“The Attorney General may also bring a civil cause of action under this section on behalf of a social media website user who resides in this state and whose religious speech or political speech has been censored by a social media website.”

Social media companies like YouTube have been censoring political commentary by citing ‘hate speech’ as a reason. If this bill is implemented, such actions are illegal. Political commentary shouldn’t be banned from any social media platform as it’s essential to develop ideas and have a healthy debate.

They will enforce this law only on individuals 18 years or older from July 1st 2019 if it gets voted through.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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