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UK police mystery: new Facebook profile for Ricardas Puisys, a man thought murdered, begins posting

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Police in England are confused after a Facebook account has been set up in the name of a man that was thought to have been murdered four years ago.

Ricardas Puisys, 35, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England was last seen at work back in September 2015.

A male suspect was arrested as part of a murder inquiry but was later released without charge.

Police now say that photos of a man who appears to be Puisys have been posted on a Facebook account that has been set up in his name, but they don’t know if he’s alive.

Friends and family say that the man in the photos of the Facebook page are indeed those of Ricardas.

“It’s an absolute mystery,” said Det Insp Adam Gallop, in a press conference about the case.

Back in 2015, Puisys’ friends became worried about the Lithuanian national, who was last seen at Nightlayer Leek Company on September 26 of the same year – but police were unable to trace him.

Police believed him to have been murdered – and they are interestingly still treating this is a murder investigation.

A mysterious Facebook page has appeared in the name of what was thought to be a murder victim.

Detective Inspector Gallop emphasized this, saying – “It is my view, that after this long period of time, it is unlikely this is a case of deliberate absence and for this reason this remains a murder investigation.”

Gallop added, “The Facebook page is a lead that needs to be fully traced down. It cannot be ignored.”

The Facebook profile was created in July 2018 and was brought to the attention of Cambridgeshire Police by Puisys’ family in August the same year. The family say they received a friend request from whoever was operating the page.

Friend and family say the photos on the profile are of Ricardas Puisys.

DI Gallop said Facebook messages exchanged between members of Ricardas’ family, suggest the profile has been set-up by Ricardas, because they contain information that the family say only Ricardas would know about.

Gallop said: “It’s an absolute mystery. Family and friends have exchanged messages, but it has been very limited contact and Ricardas has been quite slow to reply, or hasn’t replied at all. No one has seen him or spoken to him in person.”

“Our inquiries inform us the Facebook page is being accessed and managed from somewhere in Wisbech but we have not yet been able to pinpoint an exact location.”

Members of the public, specifically those in the Lithuanian community in Wisbech, are being asked to contact police if they have any information about Ricardas’ whereabouts, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

DCI Gallop added: “Whether Ricardas is alive or not, someone knows what has happened to him. Please do the right thing and come forward.”

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