Rumble challenges Big Tech’s ad dominance, launches Rumble Ads in beta

An alternative to Big Tech's ad monopolies.

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Rumble has launched a beta version of Rumble Ads – an ad platform for advertisers and publishers.

The beta version will let advertisers access a portion of the user traffic on Rumble’s website, create campaigns, view analytics, and more. Publishers can also access advertiser demand.

Rumble Ads will launch with display ads. Video ads and native ads are expected to be added to the ad platform in the next quarter.

The beta version will be open to all verified businesses and select publishers will be given access to Rumble Ads this quarter.

Companies that want to advertise on Rumble or become a publisher can sign up for Rumble Ads.

“Launching the beta version of Rumble Ads is a major milestone for our company, and even more importantly, for the entire internet,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said. “I’ve been in this space for more than twenty years, and the choice as a Publisher or Advertiser has always been limited. I’ve always wanted to see competition to Google AdSense and Ad Exchange, making today an important first step.”

This Rumble Ads beta offers both publishers and creators an alternative to the dominant online ad marketplaces that are controlled by the tech giants Facebook, Google, and Amazon. A report that was published at the end of 2021 estimated that these three Big Tech companies control a staggering 80-90% of the digital ad market.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon have all used their dominant position in the digital ads market to lock out advertisers or publishers. However, Rumble has committed to fostering free speech and has cut ties with companies that attempt to get it to waver from this free speech commitment.

Rumble announced Rumble Ads at the start of the year and said that the goal of the platform is to “build a transparent advertising eco-system for creators, publishers, and advertisers that is immune to cancel culture.”

Rumble Ads is one of several Rumble products that is offering alternatives in markets that are dominated by Big Tech.

Rumble’s video sharing platform competes with the world’s biggest video sharing platform, YouTube, and regularly welcomes creators that have been censored by YouTube. It recently set a new record for monthly active users and uploaded content in Q2 2022.

Rumble Cloud provides cloud computing, cloud storage, and email services in a market that’s currently dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Pavlovski said the goal for Rumble Cloud is to offer a censorship-resistant alternative to Big Tech’s cloud services. It currently powers former President Trump’s Truth Social app and is expected to open to all users in 2023.

And Rumble’s community-based subscription platform, Locals, lets creators sell digital products, premium content, and subscriptions. Like Rumble, Locals recently set records with record increases in transaction value, unpaid member growth, and paid supporters growth in Q2 2022.

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Tired of censorship and surveillance?

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. Push back against Big Tech and media gatekeepers. Subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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