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Rumble Introduces Livestream Financial Contributions for US Federal Political Campaigns

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Rumble has broken new ground in the landscape of digital politicking. With the aim of providing vigorous support to free speech, the video tech firm is extending an exciting feature to allow federal campaign contributions.

Rumble’s channels, allied to any candidate seeking to serve in US federal office, are permitted to receive financial assistance from fans. These donations, known as “tips,” can be made during livestreams conducted on Rumble’s platform.

“We are so excited to be the first major video platform to give U.S. candidates running for federal office the opportunity to connect with their supporters and receive campaign contributions directly through their own live stream,” said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski in a statement. “With the success we saw during the 2022 midterm elections, we cannot wait to see what the 2024 presidential election coverage will bring for Rumble. Political candidates, regardless of party affiliation, will find a diverse and politically engaged audience who comes to Rumble looking for news and is eager to show support of their favorite candidates.”

The tip feature will be open to desktop users of Rumble first. All candidates, irrespective of their political affiliation or status within government, can use channels tied to their campaigns to amass funds. Compliance with federal disclosure obligations will be managed by requiring Rumble users to provide identifying data such as names, employment specifics, and mailing addresses.

Additionally, users must consent to their tip-associated data’s veracity, affirm their US citizenship or lawful permanent resident status, and assert they are not employed by the federal government when making a contribution.

In recent years, Rumble has gained significant traction among politicians and political content creators, emerging as a favored space for those who champion the principles of free speech. Known for its minimal content moderation policies, Rumble has become a magnet for political figures and commentators, particularly those who feel marginalized or censored on more mainstream social media platforms.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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