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Rumble launches new full-screen vertical discovery feature and dark mode for iOS

The iOS app has also been launched in Brazil and Portugal.

Neutral video sharing platform has introduced two new features for iPhone and iPad users – a new discovery feature which makes it easy to find popular videos and a new dark mode which gives the app a dark theme and is great for low light conditions.

The new discovery feature is available via the “Categories” section of the discovery tab on Rumble’s iOS app. It highlights several different videos including news, podcasts, finance, sports, and vlogs.

When users tap on any of these categories, a full-screen vertical player will start auto-playing videos from that category.

Users can swipe right to like the video, swipe left to dislike the video, swipe up to display the next video, or swipe down to display the previous video.

Videos with a larger ratio of likes to dislike are recommended to users through this new discovery feature.

The new dark mode activates when the device’s “Display & Brightness” settings are set to “Dark.”

“With a new discovery feature and dark mode, Rumble’s iOS app will deliver a top-notch user experience,” said CEO Chris Pavlovski. “We look forward to bringing more features to Android mobile and connected TV users soon.”

In addition to launching these new features, Rumble also released its iPhone app in two new countries – and Portugal.

The release of the app in these territories follows the popular Brazilian creators Monark and Ferréz announcing that they would be posting exclusive content to Rumble after their content had been censored by .

The addition of the new discovery and dark mode features follows Rumble revamping the app to make dislikes more prominent in February and announcing its own ad marketplace in January.

Additionally, Rumble is building out its cloud services and is currently providing cloud service infrastructure to former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

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