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Rumble Opens Free Live-Streaming To All, Removes Five Follower Minimum

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In a move that demonstrates its commitment to fostering a vibrant creator community, video platform Rumble has announced that it will open up live-streaming to all of its users, eliminating the previous requirement for channels to have a minimum of five subscribers.

Previously, in order to live-stream, Rumble users had to reach a threshold of five subscribers. While this might have seemed like a modest benchmark for some, for many new and emerging creators, this posed an initial barrier. The decision to remove this threshold is being viewed as an encouraging gesture for those who are just starting out on the platform.

By offering unrestricted live-streaming capabilities, Rumble is emphasizing its position as a platform that believes in the potential of all creators, irrespective of their current audience size. Here are a few ways this change is beneficial for content creators:

Level Playing Field: By removing the subscriber minimum, Rumble is leveling the playing field for all creators. This allows newcomers to immediately tap into the interactive possibilities of live-streaming without having to first focus on subscriber growth.

Increased Visibility: Live streams have the potential to draw larger, real-time audiences. For creators trying to grow their presence, this is an invaluable tool. Live broadcasts can significantly increase engagement, and with no initial requirements, creators can harness this benefit from day one.

Community Building: Interacting with viewers in real-time fosters a strong sense of community. New creators can now immediately begin building and nurturing their communities, leading to more loyal subscribers in the long run.

As Rumble continues to compete with other major video platforms, moves like this can make it a more attractive option for potential creators scouting for a platform that genuinely supports their growth.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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