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Rumble Releases Rumble Studio, a New Tool To Help Creators Easily Stream Online

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Today marks a significant development in the digital streaming world as Rumble, a rapidly expanding video platform and cloud services company, has unveiled Rumble Studio to the public. This new live-streaming tool is now accessible to all Rumble users, whether they’re on the Web, Android, or iOS.

Rumble Studio is designed as a comprehensive live-streaming solution for content creators. It streamlines the process of live streaming, making it easier for creators to broadcast their videos across multiple platforms, interact with their audience, invite guests, and easily monetize their work.

Rumble Studio has been in beta since last year and, after significant testing, is now available to all.

Additionally, it offers robust video enhancement capabilities and seamless integration within the Rumble ecosystem. This includes easy link-ups with platforms such as Locals, YouTube, Twitch, X, and Facebook, along with the ability to stream on Kick.

“Rumble Studio not only offers live-streaming to all platforms at no cost to the creator but revolutionizes live-streaming monetization. With its one-of-a-kind features, I’ve never been more personally excited about a single product,” said Chris Pavlovski, Chairman and CEO of Rumble. “Imagine a world with live advertiser bidding, where creators fully endorse and tell their audiences to buy your product, all automated and in real-time. That’s what Rumble Studio will do,” Pavlovski added.

“After a period in beta, we’re excited to take this next step towards offering a best-in-class live-streaming experience,” said Axel Ericsson, Rumble Studio VP.

The Rubin Report’s political and cultural commentator Dave Rubin, a user of Rumble Studio during the beta stage and the founder of the Rubin Report, said “Rumble Studio is democratizing the media landscape by allowing everyone to participate in shaping the narrative.”

Creators can get started with Rumble Studio here.

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