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Rumble To Host Free Speech Live Event

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On May 10, a significant event advocating for free speech will take place, hosted by Rebel News in partnership with Rumble, featuring Donald Trump Jr and others. This gathering aims to highlight the excessive censorship in Canada and send a clear message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that such restrictions on expression are under global scrutiny.

Rumble, known for its commitment to free speech, is joining forces with Rebel News to present a live broadcast that will include leading figures from independent media. The lineup features personalities like Viva Frei, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Pavlovski, and Rebel News’ own Ezra Levant.

The event will host live recordings of prominent Rumble shows in Canada, focusing on the central theme of freedom of speech. For those wishing to be part of the live audience, Rumble has subsidized tickets, making them available for just $30. Additionally, the event will be streamed live for those unable to attend in person.

Space is limited, and prospective attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets promptly by visiting This is an open invitation to everyone, whether in the Toronto area or globally, to participate in this pivotal event and take a stand against censorship.

This initiative serves as a critical platform to challenge the prevailing narrative controlled by major media outlets, such as the CBC, which often overlook such crucial issues until they gain traction in the US Through this event, Rebel News and Rumble are bringing together influential American voices to amplify the call against the suppression of free speech in Canada.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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