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Russia Creates Blacklist of YouTubers

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As echoed in a report by TASS, a Russian state news agency, a unique strategy is being implemented by Russia’s Civic Chamber to impel bloggers utilizing YouTube, to dislocate and establish their platforms on homegrown Russian social media networks. Alexander Malkevich, a key player in the Civic Chamber’s Commission for the Development of Information Society, Media, and Mass Communications, revealed that the Civic Chamber is in the initial stages of constituting a list of “noncompliant” Russian bloggers, who deliberately bypass Russian social media networks whilst broadcasting their content on YouTube.

Malkevich was vocal about the desired publication of this contentious list, alluding to the rather paradoxical nature of these bloggers defining themselves as Russian, but choosing not to leverage the nation’s indigenous social platforms. Integral to this plan is a blueprint designed to push these bloggers towards Russia’s own shared media networks.

Malkevich conveyed an ominous catchphrase cited by TASS— “If you shield your revenues and refuse to divert to our platforms, it is either hastened by ignorance, habit or adversary operations.”

The unvarnished assertion that the globally popular YouTube, home to several billion users, is being portrayed as the “West’s potent informational weapon” adds an intriguing factor.

Malkevich continued with his critique, appearing to blame the platform for lacking in objectivity and being overrun by influencers promoting an “anti-Russian narrative” and “damaging values,” particularly to impressionable children.

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