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Russia Considers Seizing Property From People Who Spread “Disinformation” About Military

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Moscow’s parliament is set to contemplate the introduction of a regulation that may grant the authority to seize assets, such as financial resources, valuable goods, and real estate from individuals accused of disseminating “knowingly false narratives” concerning the Russian military operations, according to a prominent legislator’s statement on Saturday.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the presiding officer of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, posted a note on Telegram explaining that the proposal would target individuals advocating for “extremist behaviors” or suggesting sanctions against Russia.

Reports that undermine the reputation of the Russian military, currently classified as a criminal act under newly implemented stringent regulations post Russia’s deployment of forces in Ukraine in February 2022, will also face the same consequences.

“Everyone who tries to destroy Russia, betrays it, must suffer the deserved punishment and compensate for the damage inflicted on the country, at the cost of their property,” Volodin said. He added that under the law, those found guilty of “discrediting” the army also face being stripped of any honorary titles.

The legislative proposal was scheduled for review in the State Duma on Monday, according to Volodin’s statement.

Narratives slandering the reputation of the Russian military, including those classified as promoting terrorism and spreading fictitious reports about Russian forces, are currently checked under an existing legal framework.

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