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Russian commander imposes restrictions on military bloggers

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The Russian army’s top commander in Ukraine, General Valery Gerasimov, has imposed restrictions on military bloggers who criticize the army. These bloggers have previously criticized Gerasimov’s strategies and tactics.

The commander has demanded that bloggers should wear blue “press” body armor and adhere to restrictive embedding rules.

As reported by The Telegraph: “The Russian military command may also be attempting to resurrect its previously unsuccessful censorship efforts targeting the critical milblogger community.”

According to the US-based Institute for the Study of War, Gerasimov was appointed a few weeks ago.

Russian military bloggers provide more information about the invasion of Ukraine than state-run news outlets. These bloggers are not exactly critical of the invasion. However, they do criticize and question the competence of the army’s leadership. Additionally, they report on Chechen fighters and Wagner mercenaries more favorably than Russian soldiers.

Some believe the general came up with the new rules to undermine Wagner mercenaries.

“Those who came up with this legislation are waging war against us using every method. Including dirty ones,” said Russian military blogger Alexander Kots.

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