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San Francisco says even kids as young as 5 will have to show vaccine passports

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In San Francisco, plans indicate that kids as young as five will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants and other venues. The plan follows the FDA’s emergency approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11.

In August, San Francisco imposed vaccine passports mandates for kids aged 12 and above. Following the approval of the vaccine for ages 5 to 11, the city plans to impose similar mandates to everyone above the age of 5.

San Francisco’s health officer Susan Philip said parents will be given two months to get their kids vaccinated before mandates are imposed.

“We definitely want to wait and make sure children have an opportunity to get vaccinated, so that will happen no sooner than about eight weeks after the vaccine is available to kids, so there will be a limited time in which there will not be those requirements in our plan,” she said in this week’s November 3rd town hall meeting.

“But at some point, five to 11 year olds will also have to show proof of vaccination to access some of those same settings.”

Currently anyone above the age of 12 is not allowed to enter most public venues without a vaccine passport. A negative test is not an option.

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