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Snoop Dogg slams Facebook censorship in a rant on Instagram

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Yesterday, Facebook and Instagram banned the personal accounts of several of the most popular political commentators Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Louis Farrakhan. Enraged by the big tech censorship, rapper Snoop Dogg uploaded a video on Instagram where he slammed Facebook and Instagram for banning someone he supports, the Minister Farrakhan.

Snoop Dogg said that he would spread and promote Farrakhan’s message and the big tech can ban him too.

This is perhaps the first time a prominent left-wing voice was banned alongside several other conservative activists and media personalities. The rapper posted the video to his 31 million Instagram followers.

“For real that’s how ya’ll feel? So Facebook and Instagram just banned the minister Louis Farrakhan,” said Snoop Dogg. “I wanna know for what? All he ever do was tell the truth. But ya’ll gonna ban him.”

“Alright, what if we ban ya’ll? What if we stop f**king with ya’ll?” The rapper continued, “How are you gonna ban the minister Farrakhan.”

“I stand with him, I’m with him…ban me motherf**ker. Ban me. Cause I’m gonna keep posting this sh*t, I’m gonna keep putting Louis Farrakhan out there, that’s my dear brother.”

Snoop Dogg concluded by saying, “there’s a bunch of motherf**kers ya’ll could ban, but ya’ll choose Minister Farrakhan.”

Facebook said that it banned several people as it deemed them “dangerous” and “hate figures” for spreading hatred and messages of violence through the social media platform. Alex Jones of InfoWars was banned citing the same reason.

Facebook users were also warned to be banned if they were found sharing InfoWars videos on the platform. Users who have previously linked to InfoWars in their posts from the past will have those posts removed as well.

All this is happening while conservative voices have been censored by the big tech more than ever in the recent past. However, banning a left-wing voice such as Farrakhan was a bit of a surprise and somewhat of a departure from usual Facebook bans of public figures. By and by, the big tech companies have been enforcing unnecessary moral policing through which they are suppressing freedom of speech. The internet is no longer what it used to be.

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